Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
     I hope everyone is having a Blessed and Beautiful day. I just really have to put out there how thankful I am really feeling today. Im sure a bunch of you guys have heard about the car accident I was in and you’re probably already tired of hearing about it. To be honest, I’m tired of even talking about it anymore. Seriously, the story aggravates me now and I hate having to retell it a million times. However, at the same time, I don’t want to forget any details! Its so weird. Maybe telling the story here will help me make sure I don’t forget and maybe it will release the stress and anxiety I have with the whole situation.
          On Wednesday night, I wasn’t feeling well. My throat was starting to hurt. (Later I will find out that I have tonsillitis and need to get my tonsils removed). However, despite this pain, I didn’t want to miss my sisters first college basketball game. I had to go, no matter how far or how I was feeling. I mean, it was only my throat, it wasn’t like I couldn’t walk or move, so I got in my car with my mom and we drop up to Framingham State. I offered that we take my car because my moms had been in the shop for over a week with unknown issues that don’t seem fixable (later, we will also find that her car is no longer drivable).
          We drive over an hour but we finally got there and were so excited to watch Bry’s game. Bryanna did great that night. She played her best and I was so happy I was able to be there for her. (Yes I cried when i first saw her playing). Both my mom and I knew we had a ton of stuff to do when we got home. It was getting late but we were all still so happy and kept bringing up different points in the game to discuss. We weren’t ready to leave Bry yet, so we decided we would go and get some food. After grabbing a bite to eat, we dropped her back off to her dorm and headed back home.
          On our way back, my mom was driving my care and it felt like it was taking forever. We finally were about 10 to 15 minutes away from home. I went to check my phone to see answer a friend who had been texting me when my mom gasped and yelled something I couldn’t quite understand. I looked up and saw (what seemed to be in slow motion) a white truck driving across all four lanes of the highway and headed right towards us. I Screamed the loudest I have ever screamed in my life. My screaming didn’t stop until everything was over. I looked around and everything was so surreal. There were bright lights everywhere and it smelt so bad! soon enough, It was getting hard to breathe. Then it hit me, OMG I’m ok!!! Im okkk. Then I quickly thought, ‘omg what about my mom’, I was scared to look over at her. Finally I hear her say, ” We’re Okay Baby girl, were ok!”. I couldn’t hold it in, I smiled the biggest ‘all teeth’ smile I think I have ever smiled. We were ok and thats all that mattered. From here on out, everything else didn’t matter. My car was totaled but that didn’t even bother me! We were able to get out of our car, and walk away from it, isn’t that so amazing? I got out of the car and walked right over to my mom and we just hugged each other for what felt like forever. It was awesome and I just felt so blessed.
          After calling 911 and telling them about the accident, I realized that when the airbag deployed, it knocked my glasses off of my face. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was looking everywhere, outside of the car, inside, in the back and under all the seats. Nothing. When I turned back around from looking in the car, I saw that there was already a State Trooper there on scene. Apparently he had been there so quickly because he was traveling a few cars behind us before the truck drove up the exit ramp and onto the highway. He had witnessed the entire accident, Thankfully. From there everything happened so quickly. We were put in an ambulance and taken to the Hospital where we were treated for the next six hours.
          ANYWAYS…thats the long story! But now its out there for people to read. Crazy stuff right? Im honestly just so thankful for my life and the life of my Family. I love them all so much and feel so blessed and happy to be here. My job here on earth isn’t done. I have so much I still need to do and I can’t wait to see what Gods full plan for me is. I could have died that night but clearly God wasnt done with me or my Mom yet. It was a clear sign to me that He’s not done and My time here has value to it. He could have taken me, but he didn’t. I really needed that sign and that lesson directly from God and I want to Thank Him for keeping me and my mom safe, and thank Him for teaching me a lesson all the while letting me know that I specifically have a very specific duty here that hasn’t been completed yet.I am special, I am loved, I am wanted and I am loved.
         I know THIS is what Im made to do, but I just haven’t reached my capacity yet. I haven’t reached my fullest potential and I haven’t gotten to where I’m supposed to be yet so I’m excited to see how much more I’m going to succeed and grow.
          Thank you to all of you who support me and help me,
Tay S.


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