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I found an amazing new app and I just have to share it with you guys. Its such an awesome tool for helping you style and plan out all of your outfits so naturally, knowing me; once I found it, I couldn’t stop creating outfits, I was on a styling ROLL. I can deff see myself using this app a ton in the future so that is why I had to come on here and share it with all of you! Ready for it?… Drum Roll PLEEASSEEE….the spectacular,amazing, God sent, app is called… “Polyvore”!
You can search, explore and put together thousands of different styles that fit your personality and fashion desires. You can also shop each piece that you add to your fit. To make sure everything you put together will be realistic financially, you can adjust the price point before going on a picking spree. I had so much fun today putting together outfits. When ever i had downtime and I found myself bored, I just put together a little something. Its much better than reading, trust me!
I know this sounds like such an ad, but I promise you I am not sponsored by them. They have no idea who I am, and probably never will. Anyways, here are a few things I whipped up today (:


I hope you enjoy them, talk to me! Let me know which one is your favorite and where you would wear it to.
As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.
Proverbs 27:19
Tay S.

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