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As many of you saw, I did a small survey on my Instagram story of whether or not I should do an OOTD blog post on my leopard print coat fit. I got a pretty good response and 92% of you said you wanted me to post a little more detail about this specific look. To that one person who said no…I hope you’re not reading this and if you are, HAH I won you over lol!! ​

So let’s talk about the look, this one was fun! I had been looking for this specific jacket forever. Since you know I mostly get my coats for a good deal at thrift stores, that’s where I started. I looked for weeks at all my local thrift stores and no one had one. (Actually, there was one, but it was $700 because it was real, but I don’t roll that way). I actually found this one at Forever 21. They were having a 50% deal, so I actually only got it for $20! Still a steal, right?
Of course, I got it in a bigger size, so it would have the comfy oversized look I was originally going for. Because the coat was already so busy, I didn’t want to overdo it with print or even color. I kept the rest of the fit black and white but added a little extra edge and sass by pairing it with my favorite leather leggings. I think the leather really helped me achieve the street style I was going for.
The sneakers, for me, were also a good touch. This outfit could have been paired with some cute pumps, or even some booties but I loved the chill vibe that my vans gave it. I’m such a vans girl, it’s not even funny. I would opt to vans any day of the week. I also think they paired nicely with my logo Guess T as well. Sometimes its hard to find shoes that go with other brand names and for me, Vans are the answer.
I think that’s all the detail there is for this look! I liked it and I hope to break the leopard print coat out a few more times before the cold weather goes away. I don’t think Ill have too much of an issue finding another time to wear it. This cold weather has just been absolutely crazy. I know New England is cold, but since when has it been THIS cold!?
Hope you all enjoyed this look, Stay tunned for more!
Tay S.

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