A Comfy Cozy Christmas

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       Merry Christmas everyone! Today’s probably the only day of the year that I really drag out as much as possible and probably the only day I wake up early and dont mind it. Christmas is such a special time of year and I will never get tired of the beauty of it all. So…how did my day go? I woke up at 9 with the rest of my family and we opened presents. I dont know why but we dont even bother to have breakfast or anything first. Not even coffee! It’s always fun though to watch everyones faces when they open the gifts you got them! It’s my favorite part of Christmas morning. I mean you shop for them weeks ahead and then have to live through the suspense wondering if they are going to love what you got for them, so it’s always fun to see how it all turns out.
          After present openeing, it’s usually time for breakfast but this year my whole family had planned to have brunch at my aunts instead of having a dinner. I loved the idea, but that just meant that I had to wait a little longer to have something to eat. Bry and I made coffee and admired the snow falling outside while we waited for our turn in the bathroom. After we were all ready, we packed the car with presents for the rest of the family (cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents) and headed to my aunts for Brunch.
          Brunch was 100% amazing. Literally delicious! Of course my favorite was my moms french toast but everything else was still to the 10’s! Spending the day with my family is actually my favorite part of christmas. We’re a fun family and I never find myself bored when I hang out with them. Not a dull moment with these guys haha. Every single member of my family is amazing in their own way! And you know what??? Im feeling in the mood to list why I love every single one of them so here we go…
Papa: He’s Just the King! We would be nowhere without him and what he says, goes! “No ball in the House”
Grandma: The Peace keeper…Unless she KNOWS she’s right, then she will definetly let you know it.
Carol: She knows our family all the way back to Adam and Eve, I know thats a stretch but it’s probably true!
Richard: Never runs out of Fun Facts and will shamelessly school you on just about any topic!
Aaron: I’ve looked up to him since I was a toddler & he just seems to do one successful thing after another.
Bekah: She is filled with love and compassion and we will always have each others back no matter what. Since day one!
Jonathan: SO talented in music but you’d never hear him brag! He is so humbled but can kill it on the trumpet!
Nathanael: He is so smart and such a family man! Your all around American Boy
Samuel: Hes quietly competitive and compassionate just like his older sister
Linda: My mom! She will make sure everyone is taken care of before herself and yet she never falls behind. She’s my rock & my Hero!
David: You are so strong and I can’t thank you enough for staying firm to what you believed in while raising me! I thank you for the person you helped me become!
Bryanna: My sister and a ball of fire! Always on the go and she gets what she wants by being such a hard worker!
Zachary: A Pain in the butt, but I know I wouldnt last a day without him cause he can be funny sometimes. He has so much energy and just as much love for his family.
Lori: Always has the most perfect creative ideas! Basically a walking, breathing Pintrest!
Jose: “Oh have you heard that song…here let me play it for you” so many different areas of interest bewteen music, movies, and soccer…Just a well rounded guy!
Joey: Such an amazing older brother. He is the kindest and funniest little guy I know!
Hannah: You are everything I wish I was when I was a little girl! You know what you love and aren’t afraid to voice it
Christian: You are tiny, but your personality is the size of the moon, I cant wait to see the places you’ll go!
Wow, that was something!!
          After hanging out at my aunts for a while, my brother, sister and I went to my dads to spend some time with him. It was our first time having to do this so it was definetly a different feeling but Im thankful we got to spend some time together. Christmas was really good this year. I loved the breakfast thing and it was good to spend so much time with the people that matter most to me! Alan even stopped by and that just made it all even more special! I love filling my days surrounded by family, what better way to bring the year to a close.
I hope every one had a Merry Christmas & was blessed in some way this year!
“In the beginning was the word & the word was with God & the word was God…The Word became flesh and made His dwelling amoung us.”
Tay. S

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