A Thrifting Challenge (Pt.1)

 A Thriting Challenge

 (How I thrift, and Where I find the Patience)

          If you guys know me at all or even the slightest bit, you know I love shopping! I love finding something new and adding a new piece to my wardrobe. However, I absolutely hate spending money which completely ruins the whole experience sometimes. To compromise the whole thing and make it a win-win situation, I shop at thrift stores and consignment shops! So many people have their own views and thoughts on secondhand buying, but I honestly love it! Why go and spend 100 dollars on an outfit, when I can go to the thrift store and mimic that exact look, add three more outfits to spend a total of 30 bucks! Second-hand stores are probably the best things ever invented. Some people ask how I find the things I find and how I find the patience to sort through the thousands of different pieces in huge thrift stores like “Goodwill” and “Salvation Army”.
          Some of my secrets include having a plan, and having a specific vision! The vision is a huge part of not wasting time and finding a way of leaving with a bag full of awesome pieces. In order to get a vision, I turn to social media. I scroll through Instagram, looking at my favorite bloggers and fashion influencers and screenshot some of my favorite looks. I’ll also look through the upcoming trends on Pinterest and come up with pieces that I want to find to recreate some of the looks. Another good idea is to look at high end brands websites. What are they wearing? For example, a trend that is coming back is fanny packs! Believe it or not, they are coming! Its all over the Gucci website and the LV stores! Its runway, and its coming to the streets. Im excited for it, so I included it in my looks below.
          Remember, one of my biggest things when it comes to styling is staying simple. I love the simple looks that you can just switch up with accessories. If you were to take a look at my social media, you would notice that the majority of my looks really just consist of jeans and a plain top. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and have a pattern on either the bottoms or the top.  Then, I make it my own by either throwing a jacket over it, adding a bag, or layering a bunch of necklaces! Go take a look, I guarantee you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. For this blog post, I decided to screenshot some looks that I really enjoyed and take a trip to the thrift store to do some recreating! Here is my inspiration, and my finds!! I know that they dont look the exact same, but it was the look I was going for, not the exact peices that I was trying to find. The majorityof the peices were found at thrift stores. If they werent directly from a thrift store, they were bought at a crazy discounted price. I did not spend over 20 dollars on any of these peices!!
          This post will be part one of a two part series! The next post (On tuesday) will consist of three more outfits. Unfortunelty every day I had off over the past two weeks I have either been called in to work, or the weather was terrible and I couldnt shoot. Its been very frustrating, but I am trying to make it work!
Look #1
In this photo, I am inspired by Lori Harveys look. Her Gucci fanny pack alone is 1100 dollars, I dont even want to know how much the rest of her outfit costs. My look is under $30 (minus the shoes. You know Ive had those forever). I love following her Insta becasue she kills it with her outfits! These types of pants are my favorite! They’re so cute but yet the most comfortable things you will ever put on! Theyre my version of leggings.
(Pants were $2.50, Top was also $2.50. The fanny pack was the most expensie at 16 dollars.)
Look #2
Okay, and now my favorite Youtuber and Fashion Influencer; Kelsey Simone! She is so amazing and I feel like out of all the people I follow on Social Media, I can relate to her style the most! To be totally honest, she is a big thrifter as well so I doubt her outfit was expensive. However, this is what I meant when I said I like to keep my looks simple! This is the most simple outfit ever but accessories can really bring personality into the look! All I have to do here is throw my leapord coat over this, and its a look!
(Jeans Thrifted for $0.99, Top thrifted for $0.50, and fanny pack was $16)
Look #3
And finally, the hardest one! This one was so hard to get a picture of because I feel like she’s the furthest from relatable for me. Yes, I love her style and shes such a fashionista but we are just so different! It was almost discouraging at first, but then I just had to get out of my head and remeber that EVERYONE is different! Yeah shes a model, But I am still awesome!
(Jean Jacket refurbished from an old one I’ve had since I was 15, Tank was a part of a buy one get one free deal at Pacsun, Jeans were thrifted for $8)
          And that wraps up part one of the long awaited Thrifting Blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and sign up to get notified when I post the second part. Im so excited and had so much fun preparing it! Stay tunned <3
Tay. S
“If you say, ‘The Lord is my refuge’, and you make the Most High your dwelling no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.”
Psalms 91: 9-10

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