Engraved watches: A Personalized Touch to an Everyday Fashion Piece

Ok guys, Pop Quiz! What is one thing I always say can make or break an outfit?? What’s my priority trick to transforming a simple outfit into something that is unique, and has so much more personality? Accessorizing!! If you spend enough time around me, you will quickly come to realize that I will never leave the house without a necklace on. I feel so naked and “non-Tayla” if I do. One of my newest obsessions lately has been watches They are so chic, and classy and really seem to add such a unique vibe to any outfit. I was so shocked and excited when  JORD wooden watchesreached out to me a few weeks ago! They are such and awesome unique company that designs and creates lovely men’s watchesand women’s watches. I was immediately hooked when I visited their website and already have my eye on another watch.

Before I get into this blog too much, I would like to thank JORD for reaching out and to me and  working alongside me with this collaboration. The customer service they offer to all their clients is so genuine and sincere. It’s everything expected from a company and more. I was honestly surprised when the support team would answer my emailed questions in such a timely fashion. Anyways, enough ranting and lets get on with talking about the watch itself!



Here is a picture of the watch that I chose in its original packaging. Originally, when it is delivered to your house it comes in a square shaped all black box. Then when you open the cardboard shipping box, it reveals a simple, wooden box that holds the watch itself. I didn’t notice till about a day later that there is also a little drawer at the bottom where you can hold the extra pieces, such as the cleaning tools that it comes with.

​So, what is a Jord watch, and what makes them so special and different than all other watches? There’s a few things, the first being that they are made of all wood and are stained with different colors and finishes. You can also have custom and personalized watch engravingsadded to your watch to make it just that much more fit to your own personal style.I think this watch is perfect for my style and I think it’s safe to say it is the best watch I have owned in a very long time. (Including the MK watch I owned about a year ago). I love having a personalized touch to my outfits and Jord Watches helps me accomplish that every time!

  Two different looks with the same watch!!


Not only was Jord watches been nice enough to send over a watch for me to style, and fall in love with, they are also giving all of you a chance to enter into a give away and win 100 dollars off a watch of your choice.  How awesome is that?

My watchis retailed at$189 so that’s more than half off! Crazy right?? There are also other awesome watches that are 139 so you would only have to pay 39 dollars for a beautifully unique and personalized watch. Everyone who does enter my giveaway will also receive 10% off their purchase. To enter, just go to this link and follow the steps to fill out the blanks. It will prompt you to pick out a watch of your choice. The winner will be chosen at random so make sure to keep an eye on your email! The giveaway ends on the 25th so GET TO IT!!!!!!!!




Thank you all for the continuous support!


Tay S.

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