Location Shoot (Pictures at a Diner)

I love finding new places to take photos and I love finding these places then finding an outfit to match the aesthetic of the location. This location that i found was tricky. I wanted to take photos in this awesome diner that I came across, but its a diner so that means when its open for business, theres always people there and it can get awkward trying to take a bunch of pictures when there are people who are trying to enjoy their meal. I didnt want that to stop me though cause I knew the pictures could turn out to be amazing! I needed to find out when the best time to go was so I went there to chat with some of the workers.


On a random day, I walked in with my mom and we ordered some food. While we were there, I told them about what I do. I told them that I was an aspiring fashion influencer and owned my own blog where I posted fashion inspired posts a few times a month. I let them know that i was in need of content and would love to take photos in their diner at some point. They seemed to be fine with it so i left that day with intention to find a simple outfit that would compliment the space even further.

The following Sunday I called the diner to speak to a manager. I wanted to know when they opened and wanted to let the manager know that i would be going in to have breakfast and to take a few photos. While talking to her, I also asked when they were the least busiest and it turned out that they were usually dead with in the first hour or two of openeing. That was my time slot. 6am-7am. I know it sounds crazy but they were letting me use their space and I didnt want to get in the way or bother any of theur customers so I gladly took that time.

It was hard waking up at 5am, but once I picked up my photographer (my boyfriend, Alan), I was ready to go! I was fun shooting these and I appreciate all the kind people at Dave’s DIner who didnt judge me…or at least didnt judge with out loud and to my face lol. They were so kind and had some of the best customer service I have witnessed!
I hope you all enjoyed this inside look on how I do my location shoots! Be sure to stay tuned to my instagram where I upload more frequent!
Thank you all for the continued support and love💕
Tay S.



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