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If you keep up with my Blog Posts, you would recall me posting about a week ago, inviting you all to my event at Madewell. If you don’t recall exactly what it was that I said in the post, I will screen shot it and insert it right here for you all!

Before the event even happened I was already praising Madewell and thanking them. Clearly I was really excited! I was partnering with a brand I really enjoyed and it was that much more exciting talking to the team from the Newbury location and knowing they were also equally excited to have to hosting at their location. After a few weeks of promoting, the time finally came and I was heading to the store to pick my outfit out and chat with the manager about details regarding the actual event. I had received an email on Tuesday from the District Manager saying that It was important to meet before the event to go over details and to make sure I was ready. I understood that but unfortunately, my only free day leading up to Sunday was the day before, so there I was on Saturday picking out my outfit. We never did talk about any details and to be honest, it was so busy in the store that I felt like I was constantly in the way of business. Before I left, the manager let me know that “tomorrow you will have a board where you can display your blog and Instagram handle. We will have a table with food on it and a section where you can display ‘your picks'”. Those were my details. Then I left.


 Finally it was Event time!!! Still not knowing what to expect I arrived 15 minutes early with high energy and enthusiasm. It was extremely congested and busy in the store because it was “Open Newbury” and the whole street was opened with events, sales and activities. There was no sign of a “blogger event” happening at all but I didn’t mind, I was excited to network and meet new people! They had told me that I was going to be helping customers by stying to their needs and helping them shoppe for what they were looking for. I knew they most likely hadn’t even set up yet so I hung back and waiting about a half hour for everything to be prepared.
          Come to find out, after all the promoting I did for people to come to this event, neither I or the team at Madewell was allowed to promote me, or my blog. I wasn’t allowed to have my instagram displayed (as I was previously told) and I was only allowed to talk about what I did, or about “Tayla’s Closet” IF someone asked who I was or what I was doing there. What are the odds of that? To my understanding, this was meant to be a collaboration where we worked together. I was beginning to feel like a walking billboard just wearing their clothes and standing there. I was basically just pulling a shift there, working their floor and felt slightly uncomfortable. Regardless, I was determined to make the best out of it!
After about a half hour of people coming up to me asking for different things in different sizes (lol) I finally started to meet some people who actually knew who I was. That was encouraging, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how awkward it was standing there but telling people I couldn’t help them because I don’t actually work there.
It was honestly comical at one point and although nothing was what I expected it to be, I loved every second of it. Why? Because it was a learning experience and because of this event, I am able to go forward with more knowledge about arranging these types of collaborations and engaging with companies. Everything I do brings me to the next point in my journey regardless of what it is and that is all I need. Whether its a fail or a success I will keep moving forward because thats my mentality! I still had fun that day and made it the best I could! I met some awesome people and even met some of my amazing followers and for that I thank you guys!
Your support is always appreciated by me. Thank you for all your positive comments. If you’d like to stay up to date with all my “current happenings”, Follow me on Instagram @taylasnts
Thank you all,
Tay S.


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