OOTW: Spring Break Inspired

OOTW:Spring Break Inspired

          Who’s going on a trip for Spring Break and where are you going? Are you going somewhere in the Caribbean, are you going more European,  or are you just staying local?? If I could go to one place for spring break I would want to go to Aruba! I have always wanted to visit the “Flamingo Beach” there and feel like Spring Break is the perfect time to go there. Am I right? Flamingo Island, Aruba is a dream destination and I thought I would just share that dream of mine with you. For this blog post I wanted to include simple outfits that are easy and make packing a breeze. I know packing for a vacation can be tough. There’s usually a certain look i’m going for but sometimes I end up overthinking which always leads to over packing.
          Packing staple pieces is a must. Traveling with just a carry on and a backpack/purse is ideal to me. Usually it doesn’t end up happening but this way you don’t have to worry about checking any of your luggage for the flight, or losing a suitcase in the traveling process. What I try to do is pack simple tops and more fun looking bottoms and light weight fabrics and things you can style more than once to have two different looks.  I also like to pack one-pieces like dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits. That way you just have to worry about accessories and makeup! These are “ready-to-go” outfits and help save space in your suitcase for all the stuff you know you’re going to buy and bring back from your trip.
          I always do so much shopping when I’m on vacation. Every destination has their own style and I really like to explore that while i’m there. A lot of times, I will shop around and bring some of my favorite looks back to the U.S with me. I wish I would have taken advantage of spring break when I was in college because now that I graduated and work all the time, I never have time to plan a trip or go anywhere. Even though Im not actually going anywhere this month, lets take a look at some of the outfits I would have packed if I were.
Monday: Lazy Monday Vibes


Tuesday: Traveler Chic


Wednesday: Vintage Retro


Thursday: Feminine European


Friday: Festival Bohemian


These outfits were so fun for me to put together! You have no idea how much I miss the warm weather and traveling. This post was a way for me to relive those experiences and pretend it was 85 degrees again. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I love making them, so let me know what you think. Any comments? Hit me up on Instagram @taylasnts
           Do you want to see a LookBook with these outfits in Video form? Head over to my Youtube and check it out! I think this is my new favorite post that I’ve done so go check it out and show some support! Its such an awesome feeling to be putting out so much work and seeing a response from my readers and viewers! It really makes all the hard work pay off.
Link to my Youtube video: https://youtu.be/_lYBLSgptjQ
Tay S.

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

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