Smells Like Summer…

New England is hard to love sometimes, I can agree with that. Im a warm weather type of person and because of that, New England and I butt heads a lot. At this point I feel like this colder weather is really just here to spite me and all my fellow Summer Lovers! Regardless, I know the sun will push through and soon enough all will be warm and happy again. Currently I am sitting at my kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee, a blanket and a book. Why? Because it is 56 degrees out and its the beginning of June. This is not ok!
Lets not dwell in the sadness of 56 degrees though, Lets talk about what we are going to wear THIS Summer! What are some of the essentials you are going to need to add to your wardrobe to stay comfy, cute, and trendy?? Sone of the few obvious things include the straw bag, a floppy hat, matching sets, and some simple summer dresses! You all know by now I like to keep it simple during the summer. Its easier to style, and easier to stay cool and mobile when your not trying too hard with your outfit, you know what I mean?? Dress up your looks with accessories, bags, head scarves, shoes, ext. Keep the actual clothing part simple. I promise you, you will thank me!
Dresses and Jumpsuits are my thing this summer, I can already tell. They are the easiest thing to throw on and you are guaranteed to look darn cute no matter what! Im not saying my thing has to be your thing, but feel free to explore different looks and different styles. I haven’t been into stripes since high school, but what do you know, I’m wearing stripes in two of these pictures. Find what you like, and roll with it. Have fun and don’t look back hahah! Happy Summer 18, Y’all!




























Thanks you for the read, You guys are awesome as always!!
Talk to you in my next one,
Tay S.



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