What are the “Four C’s”

  I dress simple. Yes, I love fashion and live for the trends but Im really not “overdressed” or someone who tries to be so different. When it comes to my style, I like to keep what I wear simple, comfortable and affordable while still trendy, fun and chic. Here are some of the outfits I wore in the past week that are prime examples of that. These outfits wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, but yet they fit my personality and are super comfy and easy to style.
          Sometimes its hard for me to actually describe my actual style. For some people its so easy, and I don’t fully understand it. This is still all a process to me and I learn something new about fashion every day! I think I really just enjoy the simplicity of an outfit. My favorite and my “go-to” is a simple pair of jeans with a fitted, solid top tucked in. Its so easy, yet you intsantly look put together with out having to try too hard. Im wearing this look in photos 4 and 5 in two differnet ways. Im obssessed with the sleek chic look (or at least thats what I would call it). I like to feel crisp, clean, chic, and confident. The four C’s!
Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5

       Sorry I havent been posting too much lately, Im trying to get my Youtube Channel up and running. I have set goals for the reast of the year; month by month, and really set my mind to achieving those! I hope you all are also supporting me on my channel. I have told myslef that once I get to my goal on Youtube, I can allow myself to continue posting more freaquently on here as well! This is all part of the plan and already I have hit many milestones. If you want to follow me more, Follow me on Instagram and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.
Thank You,
Tay S.

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