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My teeth have always been one of my biggest insecurities. First they were just was too crooked and I absolutely hated smiling for pictures, being in pictures, smiling in conversation or anything else that requires showing off my teeth. Finally I sucked it up and signed myself for Invisalign. It was only supposed to last about two years but because I am the most inconsistent person known to man, it took me a long four painful and dreadful years. After I finally ended my Invisalign aligners I was sooo happy. To be totally honest, that’s when I started my blogging. I finally felt comfortable taking pictures and smiling in front of people so I finally started my blog! After a little while of taking a bunch of pictures and looking at myself constantly while editing and photo planning, I noticed I still hated my teeth. They weren’t as white as I wished they were and now that’s all I could focus on.
          This is why It seemed too perfect when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out their teeth whitening kit. After a quick week, the package arrived. The directions were so simple to follow so I made the impressions and sent them back in to be made all with in the first few days. I received my package with my whitening traysand gel about a week later and was able to start right away; and this is where the problem started. As you all probably know, I am terrible with consistency. I don’t post things on a schedule and I don’t like promising anything. If its for a company, or I have a contract, that’s different but when its for myself, I am the absolute worst! I believe I was supposed to whited at least 2/3 times a week. I only did it about once every two weeks. However, even with that big window of time…I still see a huge difference in my teeth and still get compliments on my teeth now every now and then. I think its safe to say I have been officially whitening my teeth for about a month and a half, only whitening about three to four times for an hour each time and have noticed significant change in the appearance of my teeth.
          Smile Brilliant has been amazing to me and has continued to check in on me to see how I was feeling about my results and making sure to answer all my questions. I’m not done with my kit yet but I would say i’m about halfway to where I would like to be. as of now, I know I will continue using their product and one hundred percent recommend it to all of you guys! Even with my poor sense of consistency, I think everyone will see some kind of result with this product. Be sure to stick around to see my completed before and after pictures, I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product of my “pearly whites”!



Check out more info on teeth whitening, as well as teeth whitening before and after photosfrom using Smile Brilliant!

Thank you all so much,
Tay S.



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