You’re Invited, SAVE THE DATE!

Big News!
      If you follow me on my other social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook, you probably already saw this but im super super excited and deff wanted to document this on my blog as well! Im pretty sure you all know the store Madewell, am I right? Well…(drum roll PLEASE)…They have invited me to host a styling event at their Newbury street location as a blogger/stylist! One of their hiring/ marketing managers reached out to me and connected me with the team at this specific location because she was interested in what I did and wanted to collaborate with me! Isn’t that just the wildest thing!
           I, Tayla Santos, am working with Madewell as a REAL LIVE blogger. I am so excited and maby a little OVER enthusiastic about this. I honestly don’t know. This is actually a milestone for me and I couldn’t feel more blessed and proud of myself right now! I mean of course I owe so many thanks to all of you who read my blogs, watch my videos and help me grow. You guys are awesome! I can almost guarantee about 80% of you are all family, but who cares. Im pumped!
           Slowly but surely things are happening and I can only imagine what God has planned for me on this journey! Im so excited but, there is no rush. I want to enjoy every slow, living, breathing second of it. Time already goes by too fast and I don’t want to rush my life away.
           Anyways, I do want to give a major shout out and thanksto Madewell for inviting me and featuring me as the blogger and stylist for this event. If you want to come meet me, chit chat with me, and shop with me, come by Madewell on Newbury street. July 8th from 3pm to 5pm! We are going to have a blast and I know you won’t want to miss it! Bring your energy and your selfie faces because we WILL be taking pics to capture all the memories!
Thank you all for all the endless love and support <3
                                                            Tay S.

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