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Lesley University Left me BROKE!



I graduated in May of 2017 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Photography that I never actually completed. oops.

I started as a photography major with a focus in commercial and fashion work. It was hard for me because when I started school, all I really knew was that I loved fashion, I loved looking at fashion photography and knew i wanted to be a part of the fashion industry.  After realizing that I hated the was my school stigmatized and put down people who were interested in fashion and commercial work and realized it might be more difficult to find a  job with a degree in Photography. I switched out of that program and completed my degree in Psychology. I couldn’t handle how negative and depressed the people were in the photo department and am so happy I got out of there when I did.

Because I left photography, I actually started to dive into vast world of fashion and all the different ways you can be a part of the fashion industry. I didn’t want to work in an therapists office or work in the mental health professions. I took psychology for a different reason than everyone at my school. I took it to actually study the human brain. The emotions, the facial expressions, the way to talk to people, how to understand others around you. I wanted to get more comfortable around people by exploring different personalities and studying self image and self esteem. I felt that self image and body positivity was a such a big part of the fashion industry, so that’s how I chose to study my field and that’s what I wrote all my papers on!


During my senior year it was tough. Everyone knew what jobs they were looking for and where they wanted to go when they graduated and I honestly had no idea! My heart wasn’t fully settled on psychology and I was not too excited about working in a office for the rest of my life. In my heart I still knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry. I was torn and didn’t know if I had made the right decision in switching my major to psych.

I was getting scared. I knew I had to have some type of plan, but I was really trying not not to stress myself out. It wasn’t until one day (which I remember so vividly) at Ladies First rehearsal. I was on an e-board for an acapella group and one night we were all chatting before practice started and I will never forget this night or Audrey Barnes! She turned to me and randomly says “Tayla, you know what I could so see you doing? I could so see you being one of those youtube/instagram girls that like post their outfits and give style tips.” We all chatted about it for a few minutes and I was honestly struck a little. Like maybe this is something I could actually do! Was it possible? Should i really even be thinking that this could be a possibility? I started to get anxious. I wanted to try it and I wanted to try it right away.

I did start a youtube and actually posted my first youtube video while I was in school! I had such awesome support from my firneds in college. And they were so amazing to me. They gave me so much confidence and were literally amazing!

After I graduated I thought about it for a few months. I wondered if it was something i really wanted to do. I was anxious to get started but i was also really scared to fail, or get made fun of. It was so weird. I just graduated college and i had no job lined up, no resume, no 5 year plan or anything. I was a 21 year old who wanted to start a youtube channel! What was going on!!! I played it safe and got a job in retail. It was easy enough, and i knew i could still do my blog on the side if i actually wanted to. I wasn’t until the august after i graduated that i started my actual blog. It was easy. I was a college graduate with my degree in a box under my bed and a job at a store in my local mall. Cool.


This is where it gets difficult. Obviously paying school loans with just a job in retail is tough. Not to mention how much I was paying. Turns out I messed up my entire loan application…for every year of school and because of that, I ended up having to pay way way way too much each month. In November I got my first bill for my school loans. 1000 dollars. I was SHOOK!! And that was just one lender. I also had federal loans which I ended up getting deferred another year, and another smaller loan from another lender for about 300. How was a I going to pay 1300 a month for school by working at a store. Some how, some way I have managed to do it but let me tell you, it’s NOT easy. I literally don’t have any spending money. I probably am left with about 200 spending money after all loans and bills are paid for the month. So I think it’s safe to say that i’m living paycheck to paycheck. And before you guys say there are ways to lower it and get it to a more manageable amount..i’ve tried. Remember I said I messed up on my loan applications? Yeah, so instead of adding my dad as a coborrower, I put my dad as the actual borrower and the loans are based off of his pay and not mine. They say we don’t qualify for any refinancing or reduced payment because he gets paid too much and based off of HIS pay, we should be able to afford it. DUHH! I mean I would love to be paying it with his income, lol.. Mind you, thats not the reality, i’m actually the one paying for it and I get paid just enough to afford my school and nothing more.


Because of my finances and being tied down to Lesley university for the rest of my adult life, I still live with my mom. Paying a mortgage amount for your school loans can do that to a person. Im paying just as much as I would have to pay if I were to get my own place, like I want to. Of course I want to have my own place and be able to do what I gotta do but I can’t cause I have crazy loans to pay, which ends up making me either wish I never went to college, went to sa different, more affordable and enjoyable college, or considering giving up on youtube and blogging and get a boring desk job so I can afford what I need to afford but I don’t want to live the rest of my life for lesley university, you know? I don’t want to make decisions for my life based off of what I owe, or how much I have to pay for my bills. I mean, think about how awesome my apartment would be. Id love to be able to design my own place and have that experience. With that being said, really make sure you pay attention when applying for loans and or paying for school. Plan ahead!!!


So a tip from me to you: do whatever you can to save money. A degree is a degree. It doesn’t matter where you get it from or how long it took you! That doesn’t matter, I promise. Look at what you can afford, know what major you want to go into before you apply. If you dont know right away, that’s OK! Wait till you know. You’ll thank yourself. I promise. If it were up to me, I would be going back and getting a degree in marketing and communications. Who knows, maybe i’ll get my masters someday?

Honestly? It’s been tough. Yeah I have my degree and whatever, but honestly, id trade it in in a heartbeat to not be in debt. Id trade it in and to just be happy and doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I rather have my dream job and not have a degree. That’s how I feel!

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