Fall Fashion Guide 2018

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I am so excited for todays post. I don’t think I’ve made a seasonal post like this so far and I had so much fun putting this together so I hope you enjoy it! Im not here to tell you what to get or what to wear this fall. However, I am here to tell you what I consider to be my essentials; the things I have to have at arms length when the season kicks off. To be totally honest with you all, I hate the cold. Really, the most of fall I can handle is through October, then it just gets too cold for me. Not only is October my birthday month but its also the prettiest, has the best fall weather (60-70 degrees) and the fashion is, hands down, the best. So once October is over, what else can you even look forward to when it comes to fall? Haha.

Just because I hate the cold doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the fall fashion. In fact, Fall Fashion is literally my favorite out of all four seasons. Winter, sucks! Lets be honest with each other, you’re really just trying to wear as many coats and sweaters as possible without looking stupid and try to find a way to last as long as possible without losing feeling in your toes from stepping in the constant snow/slush on the Boston sidewalks. Spring is alright, but for me, its an in-between season. Its not really worth it to buy a new wardrobe because here in Boston, spring can either last 2 weeks, 2 months or about 20 minutes… then we’re right into Summer. During the summer, its impossible to maintain a certain look for more than an hour. Your makeup starts to sweat off AS you are applying it, you can’t layer anything clothing wise, and in reality, your just trying to stay cool and get through the day without sweat stains or a sunburn. (ew.)

I am a pro at layering; and yes, I take pride in that haha. Everything about Fall Fashion makes me so happy! The sweaters, the layering, the jackets, the layering sweaters with jackets, the boots, the leather leggings, the bags, the colors, the accessories and don’t even get me started with the hot chocolate with cinnamon (My favorite Fall beverage!). If you’ve never tried it, please do. It will save your life, I promise.



These colors are what I am basing my look book off of! Look how beautifully they go together. I always turn to Pantone when looking for great color combinations and “In colors”. This year, these are just some of the colors they have pulled from the NYFW fall runway. There were a bunch of colors listed there, but these were the ones that I really resonated with. I typically tend to navigate towards these base colors all year round but the shades and tones change with the seasons. Obviously black and white would be added onto this color palate but I just thought it looked prettier set up like this.

Here’s a LookBook version of what I consider to be the must have Fall Essentials of 2018!  Scroll through these photos for some fun inspiration for your fall wardrobe. Ive gone ahead and put together some of my favorite outfit ideas and looks that I have been obsessing over lately. Just to name some, blazers, feminine dresses, leather, and fun/unique jeans should definitely be something you keep an eye out for this fall season. These are versatile pieces that can be dressed up for your evening events or casually dressed down for your days out in the city. You’ll see how I style these pieces in the shots to follow.  Hope you all enjoy, feel free to comment any questions (:


I am so obsessed with those outfits! Every single one of them. I know some were more “out there” than others, but really, I think Fall is all about stepping out of your comfort zone with style by trying new trends and experimenting with different looks and layering options. It can be so much fun! Calico was kind enough to let me spend a Monday in their boutique sifting through all the new arrivals and I was able to put together all of these above outfits from their Fall inventory! They have such an awesome collection right now where everything is super “on trend” and versatile yet also extremely comfortable and affordable. I was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities and can’t wait to make another visit soon to pick up some more pieces to add to my quickly growing fall wardrobe!

This next part might just go without saying but I just had to include it! I don’t think you can even scroll through instagram for three minutes without seeing someone rocking this piece. Has anyone else noticed how popular leopard print has been? It started off in the summer and is carrying its way into the fall. (Thank God lol.) To be honest, its always been my favorite print (ever since the Cheetah Girls lol #throwback) but now I have a good excuse to wear it unapologetically. This skirt HAS to be the #1 seller right now and im so lucky that Princess Polly had it fully stocked and in my size! There are literally so many ways to wear this skirt and im looking forward to experimenting and styling it this fall. Think about it; a graphic tee and leather jacket, or a oversized slouchy sweater and cute sneakers. Love love love!




(Skirt from Princess Polly)

       Im obsessed! 100%. Who else is super excited for this cooler weather? What are some of your favorite fall activities?? During college, my favorite thing to do was grab a hot cocoa from Starbucks and walk around Boston with my two roommates. Either Newbury St, or The Commons would do! Boston is so beautiful, especially during the fall with all the changing leaves, and the pretty streets and city lights. Comment some of your favorite things to do during the fall! Id love to hear from you guys. Thank you all so much for sticking with it and reading to the end. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, let me know (:

       Also, shop my Fall essentials by clicking on the fun collage below. It will bring you to my Liketoknow.it page where, from now on, all my outfits will be featured to shop. Or you can download the liketoknow.it app, make an account and access all your screenshots and all my outfits there.


(Click on the picture to open LiketoKnow.it)

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