Black Friday List Prep!


Are you a true Black Friday shopper? Do you go for the deals and the deals only? Or do you just go for the shopping and pay no mind to the deals and perks? Do you do Christmas shopping during the Black Friday rush, or do you splurge on yourself?

     I get so overwhelmed during this time of the year. It all starts with my Birthday on the 26th of October, then Halloween is five days later and there’s the potential stress of picking of the perfect costume if you even decide to dress up. I usually don’t. Then Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the food planning and outfit picking for that is a stressor all in its self. It always pays off though with time spent with family and some slamming mashed potatoes with green bean casserole but before you can even digest the food baby, its time to get ready to head out for some intense Black Friday shopping! The only issue is…where was the time to sit down and figure out what stores had the best deals and which ones to get to first? Did we have anytime to even make a shopping list? What are we looking for? What is it we even need? At this point, we have no idea what we are shopping for and THAT is how Black Friday shopping can get very very dangerous!

When you don’t know what your shopping for, you end up being that customer that when asked “are you shopping for anything specific today” answers “nah, I’m just looking around”. Don’t be that person! If you are that person, then you just buy a bunch of random things here and there until you realize you’ve spent over $500.00 on terrible headbands, lipsticks, buy 10 get one free socks and a bunch of makeup from Sephora you probably will never wear. Ugh, sounds like such a nightmare. This year, I things are different. Money is a little tighter due to Student Loans so I have no other choice but to be very strategic with my money spending. I still want to take part In the craziness of the day, but this year I’m planning it all out so I don’t end up doing that loser that spends crazy stupid money on pointless stuff.

For this post, I have gone ahead and put together a shopping list from my account of all the fall/winter essentials to keep an eye on! Remember how Cyber Monday used to be a big deal just in its self and like Black friday, it used to be a one day thing! If you missed it ,you missed it? Well, times are changing! What used to be “Cyber Monday”, is now “Cyber week”. Starting on Thanksgiving, retailers will be dropping their prices and continuing their deals all throughout the weekend and through the 28th! Things are going to go fast, so I have made a shortcut for you all; a one stop shop, if you will! after looking at the results from the polls on my instagram, I put together a stoppable collage including some of the most popular and trending pieces this fall and winter season!

Im going to keep an eye on retailers and keep you guys updated on which stores will me the money savers and which won’t. I will also keep up to date with good deals and sales and be sure to share it as soon as I know. Next post I will include tech, beauty, home, and clothing once again.

    Click on the picture to shop my! This way you can gather some ideas for your Black Friday list!

Start making your lists now! Ill come back on here as soon as I can to link a bunch of stores that are going to have amazing deals this coming week. We’ll chat then!

Happy List Making!

Tayla S.

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