2018. In a Blog Post.

Ive wanted to write a post about 2018 for too long. Since 2019 started though, I’ve been going through something weird, emotionally. Im trying to just type this thing without thinking too much, or trying to say things properly because I really need to just get this down. ya know? Its been twenty-one days and I’ve only posted three times. Thats weird for me. I know I shouldn’t really look at it like that, but I do. Im supposed to be focusing on making this a “real job”: growing my blog, making a name for myself; and I can’t even stay consistent? Im already bad at my job and its barely even started!!

Now for those of you who don’t know me, Im a huge over thinker, which I know isn’t always a good thing. Because of this, I’ve been overthinking my posts. I won’t post something because I think its “too much”, but then ill also not post something because I don’t think it is “enough”. Its insanity, I swear! So thats basically why I haven’t posted. If i’m not posting, how can I mess up? Right? I think my biggest issue is I always feel like I have nothing to bring to you guys. Like what do I have to show you guys, or “teach” you, or enlighten you on. I don’t have a “special skill”, or a unique view on anything, or a DYI on something super handy. I just like writing about my own feelings and who actually wants to read about that? I guess for now though, ill keep doing this until I have enough clout to tell you guys about something else.

Anyways, 2018 was interesting. A bunch of ups and downs really. Probably just like everyone else reading this haha. But why don’t I just go right ahead and break it down for you, month by month.

January: Took a cool photoshoot with Sydney Claire. Published Photographer in Vogue.

January 2018

February: Got a new job that I though I loved!

“cool new job”

March: Filmed one of my favorite video look books!

“Spring Break Look Book”

April: Did an early morning location shoot with my Boyfriend.

Shot by Alan

May: Met a new friend and took some real cool pics for our blogs!

“Meet Emily”

June: Did a sick collaboration with “LF the Brand”

Tayla x LF

July: Did an event with Madewell and traveled to Portugal and Spain!

Tayla x Madewell
Tayla Travels to Portugal

August: Took my brother to his first concert to see Post Malone.

Posty! idk why its upside down

September: Attended my first Fashion Show as a “Guest Blogger”!!

Outdoor Fashion Show

October: Celebrated my 23rd Birthday and spent a long weekend in NYC!

Traveled to NYC for my Bday with Emily!

November: Spent some extra time with my sister and bonded with my family.

Santos Sisters

December: Had a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

See….so normal! Nothing crazy happened lol. I think my favorite months were July and October but thats just because those were the only months I traveled!

Well there you have it folks, my year in a blog post! Hope you all enjoyed it and have an awesome 2019!!

Tayla S. 

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