Tayla, Don't Quit your Day Job

Don’t Quit your Day Job!

By: Tayla Santos

Just a little life update for those of you who are at the edge of your seats waiting for me to tell y’all whats going on (literally not a soul on the entire planet). As some of you know, during the fall, winter and spring months I work as a Para Professional at an elementary school. I help with third, fourth and fifth grade math and substitute when, and where ever I’m needed. However, because school obviously isn’t held during the summer months, I am left with the option to either get a summer job, or to not work at all.

I actually find myself to be lucky because a few years back I decided to create this site and now, two years down the road, Im starting to make a small income from it! Its a little risky for me to do this, considering I have a pretty large school loan I’m paying off, but I have made the decision to not look for a summer job. This gives me the awesome opportunity to really focus on my blog and give my undivided attention to creating connections, networking and expanding my creative ability. Does this make me a full time blogger? Even if its just for the summer? hmmm…

Tayla, Don't Quit your Day Job
First shoot as a *Trial* Full time blogger

“Tayla, Don’t Quit your Day Job!”

So as I said; before the summer rolled around, I was working at A school as a Para. I never really thought I would end up working in a school but I actually don’t mind it at all. I know a lot of bloggers who work full time while they blog on the side and then eventually work their way up to being able to quit their full time job. This is not exactly what I’m doing. I am not quitting my job. My job is only open for part of the year, so when September rolls around, I’ll be going right back to work. Before school got out though, I was highly stressed about finding a decent job for the summer.

Looking for a Summer Job

I felt like I had to get a 9-5 with the same (or a better) income than my Para job during the school year. I tried contacting my old summer job that I had during college and they were fully staffed, so I was turned down. I even tried to land a job within the school department for a summer camp or something but they turned me down as well. I was applying to anything and everything that came up. I was so desperate that I even applied to be a behind the scenes director for a play (-.-) I was stressing out! Summer was getting closer and closer and I still didn’t have a job. We had about one week left of school when I realized that I didn’t need to be overthinking and stressing myself out.

Deciding to Focus on Tayla’s Closet

When I looked at how much I had saved up during my working months and budgeted how much I would financially need for the summer, I realized I didn’t desperately need a job as much as I thought I did. Because my only financial responsibilities are my school loans, my phone bill and gas I thought there was no better time to give my full attention to blogging than now. At the end of the day, this is what I want to do. I want to blog full time so why not do a summer “trial run” and see if I can physically handle being my own boss!

Am I scared of not being able to do it? Of course! But what im more afraid of is not being able to afford my bills, not learning and not growing! So what’s my plan?? My plan is to work as hard as I possibly can. I need to be shooting content during my “Free time” , writing and drafting whenever I think of something that could be a topic, and networking and reaching out to possible partners during week days! Like I know I’ve said here, and on my instagram before, I want to be more transparent on here with my readers. I want y’all to really see who Tayla is, so thats why i’m giving this little update. Its decisions like this that I want to be able to share on here so I hope you continue to follow me along this journey!

Im Not Working

Wish me luck babes! Your support is always greatly appreciated and I can’t wait to be on here communicating with you guys more. This is going to be a fun summer!

XoXo, Tayla S.


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