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By: Tayla Santos

Tayla's Closet

Okay, how many of you all are still out here using manual toothbrushes? Don’t be ashamed if you are, I didn’t realize how lame I was for still using manual toothbrushes either until just recently! lol. Thats why I’m here to share my new found “life saver” with you guys! A few weeks ago I got a package in the mail from Smile Brilliant and I was so excited to see that they had sent me a CariPRO electronic toothbrush. This toothbrush is fancier than fancy folks, i’m telling you no lies! My teeth have never felt better.

With five different brush settings, you’re sure to get all the dental hygiene necessary, giving you all the feels of actually being at the dentist. You know that super clean, sparkly feeling your smile has leaving the Dentist office after a cleaning? Yeah, I’m “fancy” enough to have that feeling every time after using my CariPRO toothbrush on the CLEAN setting. How many of you know that you’re supposed to be brushing for at least two minutes? Im pretty sure that was a whole episode of Barney right? Wasn’t there a song and everything to go with it? Omg I can’t believe I remember that!! I think he was more focused on not “letting the water run”, but thats not the point.

CariPro’s goal is to help their customers achieve the appearance and health of their teeth so when the brush pulses while brushing, it lets you know its time to move on to a different section of your teeth. With this feature, you’re sure to get to all the areas of your mouth from different angles, insuring a clean and healthy smile! So I said there are five different settings (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive) and they each have their own unique purposes.


The CLEAN setting is self explanatory, it cleans your teeth. The end. Its the main setting for the brush and really helps deep clean and get rid of the nasty plaque you thought you’d have till your next dentist visit. (gross). About every thirty second there were be a quick pause in the cleaning for you to move to the next section of your mouth and continue brushing. This ensures that you are getting to your whole smile and brushing for the full two minutes.


To be totally honest, I wasn’t really able to use this setting at first because it is a little tougher on your teeth. I have sensitive gums and found that this was too harsh for me at first. However, after about a week of using the GUM CARE setting after brushing, I was able to build my stamina. When I was able to use the WHITE setting I was shocked by the differences. It was able to get rid of new stains from my coffee addiction and i’m currently obsessed! This setting is great for all of us coffee lovers out there who Run on Dunkin!


This is a great setting to use after your two minute brushing session! No toothpaste necessary, just push the button and let it do its thing!!


Clearly this is the setting that really helped me recover from how sensitive my gums were. With the MASSAGE setting and this setting combined, it only took about a week to see a difference. I’ll definitely continue to keep this setting in my morning brushing routine for a while.


This setting is great! It does the same thing as the clean setting but just a little softer on your teeth. This is a life saver for anyone who has issues with sensitivity. I find myself using this setting at night time before bed and the CLEAN setting in the morning before starting my day. I still get the same clean and fresh feeling, its just a little easier on the pearly whites!

Smile Fearlessly

Im a big coffee drinker guys! I think its safe to say that I have at least two to three coffee a day, so brushing is a big priority for me! I hate stained teeth and recently I have been super proactive about skin care and dental care together. I have a huge fear of the dentist so I do what I can when I can to prevent having to visit other than my cleanings.

So you’ve made it to the end and I bet you’re probably wondering if I have any type of deal for you! Of course I do! You can either use my 20% off code to get your toothbrush right away, or you can enter my giveaway and possibly win one for free! Heres everything you need to know to get your own CariPRO electronic toothbrush…

Everything you need to know

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Thank y’all for reading and remember to #SMILEFEARLESSLY

Xoxo Tay S.

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