Im Going to Barcelona, Spain!!

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This past Monday marked exactly two weeks until I leave for Barcelona, Spain! Can you guess how excited I am? Obviously this is going to be a big trip, it’s out of the country AND I’m going to one of the most beautiful places in the world: SPAIN! So yes, I WILL be making a big deal out of this, even if it’s not. Of course I want to take you guys along with me, so I’ve decided to make this whole thing a “Barcelona Series” on my blog. With that being said, today I will post my mood board for this trip. I’ll also be posting a shop with me, a Pack with me, and I’ll post photos while i’m there and anything else I can think of along the way!

When ever I travel, I like to plan every little detail. I mean, Im a blogger, so by nature its expected that I will take many, many pictures, right?! I think my sister low key hates me for it. I take pictures of everything and everything…ALL the time. Because of this, I like to have direction for those pictures and have it all mapped out for when I go on vacation. I did this when I went to Portugal last summer, I did it for Florida, I’m doing it for an upcoming Palm Springs trip (shhh (; lol), and I’m 100% doing it for Barcelona. Why do I do it?? For many reasons! I do it for the photo aesthetic; so everything looks cohesive and I also do it so I can plan out the clothing style and bring the right pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories along with me. My board also will include photos that I would like to take while there, places to see or “inspo” for photos I would like to TRY to recreate!

This may sound very very stupid to about 85% of you reading this, but that’s fine. I cant even tell if you’re judging me. Consider this a safe space lol (: Anyways…I’ve screen shotted my current mood from Pinterest. I will be updating it daily till its time to fly out of Boston, so Click the Photo of the mood board to follow the “Barcelona Inspiration” Board!

Im Going to Barcelona

So besides the pics and the fashion, Im going to need you guys to help me out. Who’s been before? I need places to visit, good food spots and good shopping spots! Now here’s the thing, Im going with my family and my Aunts family its not just me. Im traveling with my aunts three kids, my Brother and Sister, my Aunt, Uncle and my Mom! Im super excited about bonding and family time, but I also wanna be sure we get the most out of this trip so I’m going to need all the recommendations I can get.

Make sure to Follow my Mood Board on Pinterest and follow me on Instagram to get your Barcelona play by play. Also, I will be pinning this to both my Life Style tab and my Fashion tab since I know this Barcelona Series will be including ALOT of fashion!!

Thanks for reading! As always, you all are super appreciated!


Tay S.

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