My Little Brother is Cooler Than me…

How My Little Brother Coped with our Parents Divorce

For those of you who don’t know, the last three years have been tough on my family. With my dad leaving the family after my parents being together for almost 25 years, things felt like they were falling apart for a while, especially for my little brother, who was just turning 13 at the time. I was so proud of him when instead of turning to harmful methods of coping, turned to music and vented through writing song lyrics. Not only can my brother goal keep on the soccer field, but he is also a relatable song writer!

My Brother is 15 now (Will be 16 on Sept 17th…Happy Birthday!!), and he wrote this rap about what he went through and how he feels about it! Im so so so proud of him and the man that he’s becoming, even without his dad around 24/7! He still shows love and respect to both my parents and has never resented either of them for any decisions made along the way! My parents are amazing and raised three great kids. I thank God every day for placing me in such a loving, God fearing family! Things might get tough but we always have each others back and it should be no other way.

This song has been in the making for two years now so I’m so happy to share this with you now! Good Job buddy, I hope this will reach the ears of those who may need to hear it. Keep it up Zac!!

Thanks for reading/watching! You are always appreciated


Tay S.

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