Trendy Glasses with Vision Works Eye Wear

By: Tayla Santos

Can we talk about glasses for a second? Cause I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for 12 years and only recently did I start to get into statement or trendy looking eyewear. When I was younger, I was convinced that glasses weren’t cool but now I wish I started adding to my glasses collection a lot sooner. I love styling my glasses with different outfits and styles. They add a little bit of texture to a simpler look and can spice up a dull and more laid back look as well. Its also a way more comfortable alternative when I don’t feel like putting contacts on every morning.

Usually I try to stick with neutral tones but when Vision Works sent me this chic pair of icy blue frames, I had so much fun styling the perfect outfit to complement them. I wanted to keep the outfit simple so that the focal point was the glasses, but I also wanted the whole look to scream street style chic. How do you think I did??


I was definitely able to step out of my comfort zone and I owe all the thanks to Vision Works for picking out the perfect pair to send to me.

Vision works is a great place to shop for great quality, affordable frames. They have so many options and you are bound to find a pair that you will fall in love with. Now that I think of it…Getting these glasses actually of inspired me to do a “How I style my glasses” look book. What do you think? I have a bunch of different pairs and I don’t think i’ve ever worn any of them (except these ones) in any of my posts. I think i’ll try styling about 5-7 different looks with glasses. That way all my four-eyed friends and I can all be blind but trendy together lol. Be on the look out for that! I’ll try to get that up some time next week.

taylas ootd

What do you think of 4 eyed Tayla?? lol


Tayla S.


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