How to Style a Blazer

Styling Blazers in the Fall

By Tayla Santos

Hey Ladies, welcome to another Blog post! Go ahead and scroll through the last five or six photos on my instagram. I guarantee you that in at least two or three of them, I’m rocking a blazer. Am I wrong? I’m obsessed! For some people its scarves, maybe boots or leather jackets. Last year it was definitely leather jackets for me but this year, its all about the blazers. I don’t know if it’s the professional chic look that I’m into, the dressing down of a rather dressed up look, or the versatility of the blazer all together. Lately I’ve been really into the whole “Casually dressed up” look, if you know what I mean. Sorta like taking formal, or more unique and fancy pieces and pairing it with more casual items. Like the whole dress and boots type of thing I guess.

Im going to try not to type so much here and just provide the look book I know you all are going to scroll right to anyway!! Ive put together a few different looks with four different blazers. I style a very simple kind of fashion. I like to keep things comfortable and minimal yet trendy and chic so these are ways you can incorporate a blazer into your everyday style. Let me know which look is your favorite! Pin it to Pinterest if you really love me!!

Look #1 The Long Blazer

Minimalist Chic

Look #2 The Checkered Blazer

Business Casual

Look #3 The Oversized Blazer

Street Style

Look #4 The Corduroy Blazer

Casual Chic

Hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe even got some inspiration from it! Remember to share your favorites by clicking the little “Pin it” button at the top left hand corner of each photo. Thanks for reading, it’s always appreciated!! Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you already don’t.

***Also…deff was trying to post at least five different looks, but ya girl doesn’t have a consistent photographer and can never take pictures when I want to take pictures. If you wanna shoot together or know a photographer who doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, let me know. I always need content!***


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