Primark on Tour: Where are They Going Next?

This is a sponsored post with Primark USA and Her Campus. This is no way sways what I say or discuss here on my blog. I always speak the truth and discuss only what I feel fully represents who I am. Thank you Primark and Her Campus for giving me this opportunity to work with you. 

I’m guessing that by now, you all have had the chance to shop at Primark. I remember being in College when Primark first had their grand opening in Boston’s Downtown Crossing. I was SHOOK! The clothes were cute, on trend and less than half the price of the retailers I was shopping at. I would walk out of there with multiple bags full and all with spending less than $100.00. It was an exciting time for me, especially being a broke college student and not always having the funds to support my crazy shopping habits. Lol. 

          This past week, I was invited to attend the “Primark on Tour” campaign and can I say, I loveee the idea of putting Primark on wheels and visiting college campuses and popular college communities. The students and other pedestrians in the ares were loving the idea as well. I attended the North Easten location and was there for the beginning hours of the event. It was packed! There were so many people spinning the wheel to win prizes, making conversation, viewing the new fall collection and snapping photos. 

If your reading this and experiencing some FOMO, don’t even worry!! There are still some tour dates coming up that you can attend. I know you don’t wanna miss this, so I’m going to be kind enough and let you know that there is a stop on the tour happening TOMORROW (11/12) at City Hall Plaza from 12-3pm. Theres also one at 11/14 at Emmanuel, and 11/15 at Boston Common! Now you have no reason to feel like you are missing out. You too can visit the Primark tour!

Who knows, Maybe I’ll pop up at another one of the tour stops. Its a great team and its so much fun to stop by and see what they have to offer! You never know what you’ll win from the prize wheel (; Also, who doesn’t like spending a few hours in the city! Boston has so many awesome spots to grab a coffee and walk around.

Who’s going & which one are you going to chose to attend??


Tayla S.

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