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By: Style Blogger, Tayla Santos

Skincare and Canus

Happy Monday and welcome back to my blog! Today we’re talking about taking time for self care and finding the importance of putting yourself first in times where anxiety levels are really elevated.

You know how before you take off on a flight, the flight attendant gives all the details and steps necessary to take if something were to go south (pun intended)? They go through how to properly use the oxygen masks and make it a point to tell you that you must make sure your mask is on and working before even thinking about helping others.

During this scary time, It’s very important that we take the time to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. Our bodies need to be given the opportunity and the ability to destress and relax, so taking that time and finding good coping skills is really important. You’ll thank yourself for it. I promise.

Now, typically I’m not much of a bath person. I feel like it’s such a waste of time…and water lol. I rather hop in the shower, do what I gotta do and be out haha. However, lately, with all this extra time we’ve been getting I’ve been into taking baths, doing more face and hair masks and taking a little extra time for me. I’ve been focusing not only on what I’m putting in my body (foods, vitamins, blah blah blah), but also what I’m using on my body. Such as lotions, oils, soaps and all that good stuff.

Lately, Ive been loving Nature by Canus Soap. It’s made with real and natural Goat milk which at first I was kind of skeptical of, but after trying it literally fell in love. They were kind enough to send me some of their products and I love how they not only smell amazing, but are also 100% natural and good for my skin. I used their bubble bath products and bar soap the other day and my skin is STILL super hydrated and glowing. I’m in love!!

Nature by Canus soap is made with fresh goat milk and packed with natural vitamins , minerals and protein. It also contains no parabens or phosphates and is formulated with no artificial dyes or colorants. Ive been doing so much research on the proper ingredients to have in contact with your skin and Nature by Canus passes the test!

Bath Time with Canus

Have you guys been paying extra attention to what you’re using lately like I am? I feel like this time really has me extra cautious about what I use and how I take care of my body. Im super aware of how I’m feeling and what ingredients I’m using daily. From food, to hair care and right down to my soap.

I hope you all are staying super safe and healthy. Take care of yourselves because when you take care of yourself, then you’re taking care of others and the ones you love.

Bath time with Nature

To read more about Nature by Canus, head to their site.

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