Must Have Summer Shorts! | A style guide

This Blog post has been very highly requested and I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get it out to ya’ll! I’ve taken this time to put together a great list of my top 5 must have shorts styles for the summer along with links to some of my favorites! So excited to share these with you so here are the 5 short styles that are a MUST in my summer wardrobe.

1. The Mom Short

Mom shorts are great for your everyday casual look. They are also so easy to dress up and turn your casual day time look into something a little more classy and chic for a coffee date with a friend in the city.

Click here to Shop some of my Favorites.

2. Biker Shorts

I love me some biker shorts for an effortless, laid back, type of vibe. I’ve also been having fun dressing them up for a little “off duty model” vibe. From sofa chic to street style chic in minutes! Go for more than just your typical solid biker shorts. I picked up this checkered pair and toned it down with a solid black top and solid black bag.

Click here for some Not so Basic Biker Shorts.

Bermuda Shorts

I actually need to get myself some more bermuda shorts. They were out of style for a while there but I don’t care what people say, they are so cute if they are styled right. They’re honestly just the denim version of the biker short…its perfect!

Click here for some of my favorites.

The Non-Denim Shorts

Ok, these are honestly my favorites! I love beige right now and khaki shorts are just so subtle and chic that they are my go-to lately. The beige can be found in so many different materials, its great! You can paired with absolutely anything!!! Black, white, brown, tan….they’re perfection!

Click for some of my favorites.

Trouser Shorts

These shorts are just a whole different vibe! A whole different level of minimal chic my friends! Im also sitting here wondering why I haven’t paired trouser shorts with a cute graphic tee and sneakers yet…hmm…might have to put that together real soon! Theres so much you can do with a good pair of trouser shorts. Paired with a matching blazer for a set, or not!

Click for some of my favorites

I hope this Style Guide was helpful to you and you found some new shorts to add to your wardrobe. If nothing else, I hope you were able to get some inspiration for outfit ideas! Happy shopping and Happy Styling!

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xx – Tayla

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