10.26.2020 | OOTD, Day in the City, and my feelings on getting older!


Ahh I don’t know how I feel about being 25 just yet. It’s a little weird to think I’m half way to 50! Is it weird to think about it like that?? lol. I’m trying really hard to be grateful for the years God has given me but getting older has honestly always been a fear of mine.

This year though, I do truly feel blessed! Im looking back on this past year and really thanking God for all he blessed be with in my 24th year of life. Celebrating my birthday today, I want to keep that in mind and look forward to all that is in store for my 25th year!

When I was younger, I always looked at 25 as the golden year. I thought I would be married and living in NY by now. haha. But if I’m totally honest, God has really blessed me with so much more. More than I myself could have even thought of asking for.

This time last year things were so different. I was in a totally different spot mentally and physically. Now I thank God for my good health and positive outlook on life! I’ve realized I have to be thankful for the little things and in return, I’ll blessed with the bigger things!

brunch in boston

I want to specifically thank my friends and family for going out of their way to make my Birthday weekend special. Sunday, the 25th, I went out to brunch with my Sister and Friend. I wish I got more pics at brunch because the location was absolutely stunning. However, I was too busy enjoying myself and taking it all in. After Brunch, we played mini gold (which I haven’t played in years) and I won…of course!! Such a good Birthday eve.

On my actual birthday, I took it easy. I chilled at home, went to Starbucks and got my free coffee and cut cake with my family. Shout out to mom for getting my favorite cake! Typically, I usually couldn’t care less about birthday cake but if its double chocolate, I’m all over it! (I had two slices and don’t regret a thing lol) It was a great weekend and I appreciate everyone who contributed!

Thank you to everyone for all the Birthday wishes yesterday. You are truly appreciated!

Cheers to 25! Now, I’m Looking forward to another year of blessings!!

10:26 on 10.26…how corny.

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xx – Tayla

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