Life is like Putting Together Ikea Furniture|a devotional

Have you guys ever seen those “Pinterest fails”? They show the “What it should look like” photo first, followed by the “What it actually looks like” photo you created. If you haven’t failed at trying to recreate a Pinterest DIY, I can almost guarantee you’ve taken a shot at assembling Ikea furniture. Am I right?? 

Ikea furniture is the impossible puzzle. If you are like most, you probably glance over the instructions, find that it’s “simple enough” to put together a book shelf, and proceed to put together what you assume is going to be a quick and easy project. Ikea furniture always appears to be simple, and always proves to be something different. The funny thing is though, we are given specific instructions to follow. Yet, we believe in our own devices enough to proceed in putting together a piece we HOPE will look like the picture on the front of the box. Yes, we get aggravated along the way, and if you are lucky enough to have help assembling your impossible puzzle, you will likely get in one too many arguments along the way. Even though “tools” are provided in the box with the furniture pieces, we still reach for our own hammers and drills because we have trust that our tools are better and will be easier than the “fake tools” that come with the directions we ALSO aren’t using. 

At some point during the assembling, we realize things aren’t matching up. Things aren’t clicking where they should be, and for some reason…everything is looking lopsided and not standing on their own. Now, you turn to the directions. Where did you go wrong? Do you see where I’m going with this analogy??

Life, in general, is a lot like putting together an impossible piece of Ikea furniture. We are given a specific, and thorough guide (the bible) that instructs us on how we should live our lives. Yet, we still take to our own devices, and, knowing in the back of our heads, that we always have the bible to turn to if things start to get a little lopsided. 

We know the difference between right and wrong and just figure we will figure out life as we go…should be simple enough. However, we are faced with difficult points during our journey and if we don’t turn to the Maker of all things for guidance, we may end up feeling a lot like the lopsided Ikea nightstand sitting at the side of our bed. 

You see, we may look ok from the outside but there are many things inside of us that aren’t ok. It’s not too late to go back and refer to our instruction manual. It’s not too late to admit that we messed up and start again. It’s not too late to seek guidance. There will be many detours on this crazy life journey and thats ok! Messing up isn’t the worst part. We just have to figure out what to do to make things right after we mess up! 

Today, I dare you to open your bible. Ask God to lead you to something that will help guide you today. He always delivers if you carve out the time to spend with him! 

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xx- Tayla

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