Boston Weekend Guide | Where I go when I’m in the City!

(Vlog at the end of this post)

Where to Stay?

I prefer renting apartments as opposed to staying at a hotel. I feel like theres more privacy, its safer, and you feel more at home! For my recent stay in the city, I stayed with Sonder at one of their luxury apartment rentals. The apartment was absolutely stunning, with great aesthetic furniture and an unbeatable view! I would say the only thing that was missing in this apartment was a full length mirror. How can you leave the house without seeing what your outfit actually looks like??! Deff need a full length mirror next time.

Where to Eat?

Looking for a bite to eat? There are so so many places in Boston to eat! Some of my favorites are Tatte for a good pastry and coffee (great to sit and get some work done as well), Krasi for some fancy drinks and appetizers, Tasty Burger or Shake Shack for a quick burger and fries, and Insomnia Cookies for a late night treat!

tatte bakery



Shopping and leisure is important! My favorite is, of course, Newbury street. The location is beautiful and it has some of everyones favorite stores like Zara & H&M. There’s also beautiful places to eat and grab coffee so it’s definitely a neighborhood you can spend all day at. The whole Newbury street area (Including copley square and the Boston commons) is very beautiful. 10/10 recommend!

That’s all for now Friends! There are so many great places in Boston I couldn’t include every single one of them in this post since (honestly) Im trying to limit contact and visiting places. I included just some of my favorites for now but if you would like to see more, I can always do a part two! I love sharing great spots with y’all so let me know if you want a see more of my Boston Faves!

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to check out my Vlog from this weekend. If you want to see more photos from the weekend, (and more outfit photos in general), be sure to follow me on Instagram!

Have a Great Week!

xx Tayla

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  • jazaenicole

    woooow this BLOG POST THOO, QUALITY & thank you for this guide I loved it do much!!! I definitely gotta check out those places when I come to Boston 😄

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