OOTD| Accessorizing with a Hat and Bag

Here is one of my more styled looks that I’ve worn this season. I really wanted the bag and hat to be the show stoppers in this outfit and I think I deff achieved that here. What do you think?

Its so different than my typical laid back casual look, but thats what I love about fashion. You can do whatever you want! I had fun with this look.

A little back story, it was 19 degrees when I shot this, so my feet were freezing, but i just knew these were the best shoes for the fit haha! Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

This top was super cute too. I feel like it didn’t get enough credit though, so check it out. If it’s still available, id deff snag it if i were you. It will be a great spring staple!

Hope you guys truly enjoyed this ootd and were able to grab some inspo from it. For more daily outfit photos, follow me on Instagram and Subscribe to my youtube for weekly vlogs and other fun videos!

Thank you so much and I’ll catch ya in the next Blog Post



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