OOTD | leather & cream are the new jeans & tee.

Here are the famous Aritzia pants! And I’m here to sadly tell you, they are worth the hype. I love mine. I got the long version cause i have the lower body of a daddy long leg, and they’re still a little short for my liking, but I love them. Still kinda debating buying the black pair haha. Someone hold me back!

Obviously Brown is a huge color this season, and obviously I was LIVING my life when I got word of this news. The amount of brown I have in my closet is almost embarrassing (almost). You guys already know I’m a huge neutral gal, and brown is the most neutral of neutral for me so excited would be an understatement. and you best believe I will be carrying this into spring and summer…even If you don’t. ESPECIALLY if you dont!

That’s all for todays outfit post! I hope you were able to grab some inspo from this look…or the post in general! If you’re looking for more outfit of the day inspo from me, be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to me on youtube for weekly vlogs and other fun videos!

Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you in my next one!


Tay S

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