My wardrobe welcomes white denim

It was 9th grade guys! It was 9th grade that I stopped wearing white denim. Here’s the story. Basically, I thought I was cute. I got a cute lil thermos and made myself some hot chocolate before going to school. Drank half of it on my way to school and then put it in my backpack. bad move! As I was walking to my first period, you best believe the whole thing spilled in my bag and seeped through to the whole back of my crisp white jeans. NASTY! I tried my best to get that out but after drenching the whole back side of my pants, I gave up, called my aunt to pick me up and left before the the day even started.

Ever since then, I haven’t looked back! All desire to style white jeans was over…until now. I had a collaboration with target and these white jeans were on the list of things I could pick from. I don’t know what made me do it, but I picked these instead of the black ones and I’m very happy with my decision. They are so cute!! What do you guys think?

I guess my love for white denim came right in time for the summer. Can’t wait to style these more throughout the season. I will keep you guys updated for sure. If you’re interested in these jeans, shop them here! Best part is, they’re under $30 and fit amazing. Im 5’5″ for reference.

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xoxo, Tayla

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