BTS Shooting for Pacsun

Getting the Collab:

Never imagined I would be working with Pacsun and to think this is my second campaign with them this year is insane! Deff feeling blessed. They’re the kind of brand that I’ve always shopped at, organically worn and styled but would have never thought of pitching too because I would have been wasting my time. “they’ll never see my email or respond” I’d tell myself…and then…they reached out to me! Pacsun was in MY inbox.

They were looking for video content this time around. How perfect! It was a lot of work though, so I really had to prepare myself and make sure I was being paid properly for the estimated time, work, energy and creativity that was going into this project. After a lot of back and forth, we finally settled and agreed on price, timeline and deliverables.

Pacsun had a strict deadline of July 13th for this content to be sent in. I didn’t have to post anything on my end so that made things a little easier…no editing. However, I still needed to shoot 7 video clips and they all had to be in different areas of Boston.

Issue #1:

Here’s where things started to get stressful. They were running a little behind so even though the 13th was the deadline for content, they weren’t pressing me. They still hadn’t shipped out the outfit I was supposed to be filming in.

However, on the 14th…I got sick. Thought it was just a cold but I ended up in the hospital with a really bad virus. Long story short, I ended up on bedrest for a week. Now I was beyond stressed thinking about when Id be able to shoot this.

Time to shoot:

After a week of being in bed, I started to get emails from Pacsun asking how content was going. I was even more anxious to hurry up, get better and get out to Boston to shoot this content.

Finally it came time to shoot the campaign. My boyfriend agreed to drive me from location to location (which later he finds out was a much bigger task then he expected). It was a long day! 5 hours of driving around and getting content.

I think I almost cried at least 2 times. The stress of shooting for a campaign for a big company is something different. I had a vision in my head for how I wanted videos to look and nothing was coming out right. I took multiple takes of one clip. It was ridiculous! Here’s an example…just needed to say “hi, Im Tayla and today I’m showing you my 5 favorite spots in Boston” & I had to film it 15 times and STILL didn’t even end up using any of these. (mostly cause the lighting sucked in every single take)LOL. I could NOT get it together for ANYTHING. Please watch this clip of me just not talking. I was a mess, I was stressed and I was OVER IT! Why did I keep saying “um” when it was literally just as simple as Kai was saying it was!? HAHA This was the last clip we did (even though it will likely be the first clip of the video) and by this point I just wanted to go home.


It ended up being a success at the end of the day though. We got all the content I needed and I was able to submit everything the same night. It definitely took a lot out of me but I like campaigns like that because its a challenge and it always feels so rewarding. Especially since they are going to be the ones editing this video and posting. I cant wait to see how it comes out.

Here’s a sneak peak (some raw content) of the content we actually got.

Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram stories for when I reshare the video from Pacsun!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoy this behind the scenes content as much as I enjoyed documenting it and sharing it. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with more day to day and fashion content.

xx – Tayla

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