Did my ugly outfit ruin my Tkees collaboration ? BTS

Let’s talk about when things DON’T go as planned and the outfit looks nothing like it did in your brain. The photos are coming out trash, you have no good content and now you’re starting to catch and attitude. That was me shooting my collaboration with Tkees. (nervous laugh)

Let’s take a look at the look I initially put together in my head. I promise i thought it was going to look super laid back and chill…

I really thought I was doing something with this blue hat paired with the bag. Like I said, I thought It was going to look good when I planned it out in my head, but in photos and it person, I hated it. The whole point of this shoot was to focus on the shoes and this outfit was just not it.

I ended up having to walk all the way back to the apartment to re evaluate the look. What I was hoping to be a quick 15 minute shoot ended up taking over an hour. Not a problem, but definitely not what I expected.

The hat had to go and since my curls were ruined with hat hair, we slicked in back into my signature bun and went for a whole new look. Here’s what we ended up with…

So much better!! Love how classic this outfit is. Looks and feels so much more like me. I’m always such a sucker for minimal and effortless styles and I think you can see and feel my confidence in these photos. The black and white look was a winner and even though it didn’t perform well on my instagram feed I still love the look and love the way the photos ended up coming out. Especially knowing the work and hassle that went into it behind the scenes.

I think theres a great peace in appreciating your own work. When you can appreciate and respect your own work, its so much easier to accept criticism and to accept when things fail. This photo may not have done well on my instagram but because I know the work I put into it & enjoyed the end product, I never stopped loving the photo. Im proud of myself!

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes! I really enjoy sharing these moments with you and hope to keep this up.

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xox – Tayla S.

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