i stopped writing on here because i felt there wasn’t a point. Who was reading it? Who cared to know my thoughts and unnecessary opinions? but then i realized, after scrolling through and reading past entries, that i missed it. I missed typing things out and focusing on something other than reality for a few hours.

Im not gonna say I have a have a plan or a specific category for each post though. I think im just going to simply start sharing my life, little by little. If you are reading this and end up liking what i have to share on here, cool…if not…thats cool too.

Life Update

Last time i posted on here, i was in Boston. I don’t really remember what was going on in my life, or if i even ever talked about my personal stuff on here. I’ll catch you up anyways though.

first things first, I’m engaged! Im a whole Fiancé (;

Thats my proudest update right there lol. Happened back in September of 2021 and I couldn’t be happier. Im now spending the majority of my time in Arizona, a state I used to tell myself I would live in eventually and enjoying every second of it.

Do i miss my family? Absolutely! But i feel like im honestly doing whats best for me right now. Im growing, becoming more confident in myself, strengthening my relationship with God, building life skills and learning more and more about myself every single day. i love the life im living (:

Arizona is beautiful! the weather is perfection and ive become a morning person. I literally go to bed at night looking forward to my morning walk with Harlow and making my coffee haha. I sound like a retired 60 year old lady!

After reading that, i know at least one nosey person reading is thinking…”whens the wedding”?

Let me tell you something about weddings…

They. are. stressful!!! i dont even wanna talk about my thought process when it comes to wedding planning because i dont even feel like getting myself all worked up right now. Ive sat down so many times to look at venues, look at aesthetics, photographers, all of it. and it just gets too overwhelming. I cant. then i look at wedding planners…then i look at their rates, then i close the laptop and walk away. its a cycle. i hate it.

The good thing is i know what i want when it comes to a wedding. i know the vibe i want, i know the colors, i know the theme, the location type, i have my dress, and i know who i want to be in it. I just think i may be too much of a perfectionist. idk. It will happen though!!

Whats next

so whats coming up? Some exciting things are coming up. Im going to the Revolve event at Coachella next week and shooting some fun campaigns in the next week or so.

I will try to keep you guys updated and continue writing. I already like this writing style so much better so im excited (: Hope you feel the same way!!

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xx- Tayla S

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