Coachella!? | How’d I get here?

So i literally JUST posted my last blog post talking about how I had to turn down revolve festival.

I was going to let that hopefully be the inspiration you needed to know your worth and stand strong behind your brand no matter what. things got better though… 

Let me set the scene for you…We are now about 3 days from the start of Coachella & festival season. Kai, and I got a phone call. It was from Pacsun, a brand we have consistently been working with since this past August. They wanted to overnight us Coachella tickets, to attend day three of the festival. They were looking for us to post a few story slides wearing Pacsun at the event AND they were compensating us. Paying for travel, stay, and for our work when we got there. 

THAT’S RESPECT and THAT’S a brand I want to work with and continue a relationship with. 

Not only does this just go to show you to have pride in your work, resect your own time and never devalue your work…it also shows you that God may not allow certain things to work for you because He has WAY BETTER things down the road that you may just not be able to see yet!! 

Revolve Festival Follow up

Now I do want to quickly touch on the revolve topic. The event ended up being a huge PR fail. Not to completely bash the brand, but things definitely didn’t go as planned. For the first time, they were allowing “general admission”, which was basically offered to anyone who spent at least 2,000 on their site. The event was definitely over sold. They ended up not having enough busses to shuttle everyone to this “exclusive” event and people ended up waiting outside, In the desert, with no food, water or restrooms for over 4 hours. So many people never even made it to the event.

Now, remember, as an influencer, I was invited in exchange for producing a minimum of 50 pieces of content, maintaining strict exclusivity and attending the event for a minimum of 2 hours. Imagine how dissapointed i would have been if i got there and wasn’t ever able to actually get into the event!? I would have been pissed.

Now I would have been stuck in a place where I paid for a rental, drove 4 hours, got a hotel, put together outfits and be tied to a contract for a brand that didn’t even prioritize their guests. Why would i want to produce content and continue to promote something like that??

So Basically….

At the end of the day, I’m so grateful that I listened to my gut. i knew my worth and I stood up for my brand. Not only did I dodge a bullet, i made out better by being able to parter on this trip with a brand that actually values me as a creator.

Im telling ya’ll, sometimes God makes things unavailable for you so that you are available for better things coming away. He give you the means and the will power to make the right decisions along the way. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition (:

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xoxo- Tayla S

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