4.21.22 | Making Friends as an Adult…

ok, let’s just talk about it. Making friends as a kid is second nature. everyone likes everyone. Making friends as an adult is closer to impossible.

I don’t know when it started to get harder for me, but wow. This is no joke lol. I get along with people easily ( i would say ) but my problem is i just love relaxed vibes over anything else. I just wanna hurry up and get to that friendship level where we don’t gotta do anything. Ya know? Where we can just vibe out, do our own thing and just enjoy each others company. All this “getting to know each other” stuff can get to be too much.

So far, I’ve met some really great people here in AZ. I honestly feel like the people here are 10x nicer than people in Boston. Am I wrong? Maybe I just didn’t get out enough in Boston hahah. I guess I didn’t have a need to. I had my family and that was really all i needed.

The push to make friends is great though. I honestly thank God for this opportunity. It allows me to meet people outside of my comfort sone and shine my light a little further than just my family and childhood friends.

Can’t wait to see see where this journey takes me. And if you’re in the Phoenix area, send me a message on IG. Lets connect (:

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xoxo Tayla S

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