Pandora Piercing Party
Hey ladies, and welcome to another blog post. Before I get into talking about the new ME collection at Pandora,
By: Tayla Santos Can we talk about glasses for a second? Cause I've been wearing prescription glasses for 12 years
Inspired by Pastor Steven Furtick & Lauren Daigle.By Tayla Santos My Story Living with an illness is tough. It's especially
How My Little Brother Coped with our Parents Divorce For those of you who don't know, the last three years
Costa Brava
BLOG 3: Trip accomplished!! There and back in a week... About a week ago I was sharing my list of
Blog 2: Places to go & Sights to see! Eight days till take off folks and I couldn't be more
Blog 1: Fashion & Photo Mood Board This past Monday marked exactly two weeks until I leave for Barcelona, Spain!
By Tayla Santos Hey Ladies, Its Prime time on Amazon and I'm here to show you all of my faves
Tayla's Closet
By: Tayla Santos Okay, how many of you all are still out here using manual toothbrushes? Don't be ashamed if
Tayla, Don't Quit your Day Job
By: Tayla Santos Just a little life update for those of you who are at the edge of your seats