Hey Everyone! I am so excited for todays post. I don't think I've made a seasonal post like this so
LF The Brand "LF has become the must have destination for many fashionistas who crave upcoming trends on the fashion
If you keep up with my Blog Posts, you would recall me posting about a week ago, inviting you all to
New England is hard to love sometimes, I can agree with that. Im a warm weather type of person and
I love finding new places to take photos and I love finding these places then finding an outfit to match
  I dress simple. Yes, I love fashion and live for the trends but Im really not "overdressed" or someone who
Ok guys, Pop Quiz! What is one thing I always say can make or break an outfit?? What’s my priority
OOTW:Spring Break Inspired           Who's going on a trip for Spring Break and where are you going?
 Hey guys! I'm back with a bunch of links for you guys and I hope you're all excited!! So I have
A Thrifting Challenge (How I Thrift and Where I find the Patience)           I have to