If you keep up with my Blog Posts, you would recall me posting about a week ago, inviting you all to
New England is hard to love sometimes, I can agree with that. Im a warm weather type of person and
I love finding new places to take photos and I love finding these places then finding an outfit to match
  I dress simple. Yes, I love fashion and live for the trends but Im really not "overdressed" or someone who
Ok guys, Pop Quiz! What is one thing I always say can make or break an outfit?? What’s my priority
OOTW:Spring Break Inspired           Who's going on a trip for Spring Break and where are you going?
 Hey guys! I'm back with a bunch of links for you guys and I hope you're all excited!! So I have
A Thrifting Challenge (How I Thrift and Where I find the Patience)           I have to
 A Thriting Challenge  (How I thrift, and Where I find the Patience)           If you guys
FUN FACT:  Sometimes my best outfits are the ones I throw together 15 minutes before its time to leave the