I have always enjoyed doing photoshoots! The preparation of it, the outfit picks, the hype, the lighting, everything! It's so
  As many of you saw, I did a small survey on my Instagram story of whether or not I
HAPPY 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Ya Filthy Animalssss! For the next twelve days, including today, I WILL be posting a little something everyday
Hahah I had to title this post this way because of one specific reason. When ever my birthday roles around I
ALERT ALERT ALERT! I found an amazing new app and I just have to share it with you guys. Its
Many of you true fashionis-tays probably have noticed that I have been MIA for a few weeks. So sorry! I have
Happy Fall Fashionis-Tay's!!         Its been officially Fall for just about three days and its been the
Hey Everyone! Hope you had a happy Sunday Fashionis-tays! Sundays are actually my favorite day of the week. Im forced
Whats up Fashionis-Tays!! If I'm totally honest, this week has really been something. Found out that my student loans will be costing
Hey, Fashionis-Tays!! Yes, I wear shorts with Moto-Jackets and boots without socks. So what? Its the changing seasons, I can do whatever I want!! I