Blog 1: Fashion & Photo Mood Board This past Monday marked exactly two weeks until I leave for Barcelona, Spain!
Tayla's Closet
By: Tayla Santos Okay, how many of you all are still out here using manual toothbrushes? Don't be ashamed if
Tayla, Don't Quit your Day Job
By: Tayla Santos Just a little life update for those of you who are at the edge of your seats
Are you the Ghost or the Ghosted? Okay ladies, we have some conversation that needs to be had, and it's
My experience at "The Happy Place" pop-up in Boston, MA.
By Tayla Santos Sponsored by Bioré If you know me, you know I'm a very simple person when it comes
By Tayla Santos Asked in infomercial voice: Do you want to go on an exotic vacation but don't have money
Just thought I would come on here and share the things that are sort of going though my mind lately.
Ive wanted to write a post about 2018 for too long. Since 2019 started though, I've been going through something
I remember the first day "Uggs" became a trend in my area! My mom called me over to the computer