A new year means new goals and new possible achievements. I'm so excited for this new year and 10x more
I tried guys! I tried very very hard and to be totally honest, I am proud of what I was able to
Look who took Christmas Pictures! Last time we actually took Christmas pictures was back when I was probably like 13
One week till Christmas!!! Time is really flying and I will stand by my theory that December always feels like the
         Four years of schooling at Lesley University has taught me a lot. However, the only thing
Traditions are awesome, especially around Christmas time! It gives you something to look forward to and gives you something to
Can you believe I have actually let my laundry pile up so much that I have had no other choice  but to
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!      I hope everyone is having a Blessed and Beautiful day. I just really have to
Hahah I had to title this post this way because of one specific reason. When ever my birthday roles around I
Today was SUCH a BUSY day!         The amount of things I got done before 11am was INSANE and