• bye-bye 2020 | happy new year

    From a year that was notorious for disappointment, I found blessings. From a year that handed out frustration, I found success. From a year that broke dreams, I started mine. God has a time for all of us. Our biggest blessings can come in the most surprising ways & sometimes disguised as what we think are disappointments. This year was tough in many ways & heartbreaking most days. Yet, I’m thankful for another year & will continue to give God praise! 2020 was a blessing in disguise. Thank you God 🖤 Happy new Year! xx- Tayla

  • A Week in my Outfits

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all my daily outfit pics! I also post styling videos and am very active on stories so be sure to follow <3 Have a great week, xx Tay

  • Holiday Gift Guide | from our fave, Dynamite!

    Its gifting season friends! It can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect gift so for the first time ever, Im creating a fun little gift guide from one of my favorite site…Dynamite! This guide will be perfect for any female you may be shopping for this year. Your sister, your mom, your girlfriend or friend! I’ve worn many of these pieces and have added others to my Christmas wish list so I thought, why not share with my lovely audience as well! Scroll through and feel free to comment any questions! Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday season and staying safe and healthy. Happy Shopping! For Under…

  • The Perfect All Day Outfit!

    This set is the perfect ‘all day outfit’! From running errands and getting some Holiday shopping done, to lounging on the couch with Harlow sipping coffee and getting some inspo from vogue. Outfit Details Leggings Top Oversized Hoodie Coat We love a matching set and this one is hands down a favorite in my closet now! The zipper hoodie, really takes it to the next level, love it!! xx Tay

  • Holiday High & Low Dressing!

    Outfit 1 Leather Skirt Black cut-out top Belt Sweater Outfit 2 Blazer Wide Leg Pants Boyfriend Tee Outfit 3 Romper Leather Jacket Thanks so much guys! Remember, Dynamite is having 30% off right now so its the perfect time to buy any of these looks! Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Shopping! xx Tay

  • Boston Weekend Guide | Where I go when I’m in the City!

    (Vlog at the end of this post) Where to Stay? I prefer renting apartments as opposed to staying at a hotel. I feel like theres more privacy, its safer, and you feel more at home! For my recent stay in the city, I stayed with Sonder at one of their luxury apartment rentals. The apartment was absolutely stunning, with great aesthetic furniture and an unbeatable view! I would say the only thing that was missing in this apartment was a full length mirror. How can you leave the house without seeing what your outfit actually looks like??! Deff need a full length mirror next time. Where to Eat? Looking for…

  • Fall Fashion is the Best Fashion | Fall Fashion Inspo

    It’s the best time of the year. We’re talking Fall Fashion babyyy! Ugh Fall Fashion is my absolute favorite. Leather leggings, blazers, chunky sweaters, hats, scarves and boots all accompanied by that years creative layering trends!! AHHH I get so excited just thinking about it. I really think my most productive times are summer and fall. Im productive during the summer just cause the weather is nice, and then I’m productive in the fall because 9 times outta 10, I’m feeling my outfit HAHA! And when you’re wearing a cute outfit, your mood is already 10x better…am I right or am I right??!? I think the easiest way to go…

  • Life is like Putting Together Ikea Furniture|a devotional

    Have you guys ever seen those “Pinterest fails”? They show the “What it should look like” photo first, followed by the “What it actually looks like” photo you created. If you haven’t failed at trying to recreate a Pinterest DIY, I can almost guarantee you’ve taken a shot at assembling Ikea furniture. Am I right??  Ikea furniture is the impossible puzzle. If you are like most, you probably glance over the instructions, find that it’s “simple enough” to put together a book shelf, and proceed to put together what you assume is going to be a quick and easy project. Ikea furniture always appears to be simple, and always proves…

  • 10.26.2020 | OOTD, Day in the City, and my feelings on getting older!

    Ahh I don’t know how I feel about being 25 just yet. It’s a little weird to think I’m half way to 50! Is it weird to think about it like that?? lol. I’m trying really hard to be grateful for the years God has given me but getting older has honestly always been a fear of mine. This year though, I do truly feel blessed! Im looking back on this past year and really thanking God for all he blessed be with in my 24th year of life. Celebrating my birthday today, I want to keep that in mind and look forward to all that is in store for…

  • Fall OOTD Post w/ Dynamite

    Hey Hey!! Here’s a little Fall outfit of the day. This whole look is from Dynamite and I love how effortless and minimal it is with the slicked back bun. Im typically not a wide leg trouser kinda gal but this whole look was giving me new york city “model off duty” vibes for some reason. The chunky combat boots with the wide leg trousers and oversized coat was a look. Let me know what you guys think. Hope you guys are feeling this outfit as mush as I was lol. Follow me on instagram for more daily outfit of the day posts and turn on my post notifications so…